We Are Sweeter Than Your Grandma’s Jam

VR Porn with Lika Star & Stefany Kyler

You have been renting out space in your building to Lika Star for her VR dance studio. Times have been difficult for all of your tenants and Lika is constantly late with her rent. You have warned her several times that if she is late one more time you will have to kick her out. When you show up to collect the rent she is just finishing up a lesson with a lovely nineteen-year-old student, Stefany Kyler. Lika explains that business has been slow, but that it is picking up. She has new students who are very motivated. In fact, Stefany wants to help her teacher convince you to give them an extension on the rent. They have a little show for you and it has nothing to do with the dance skills Lika is teaching her petite brunette student.

Strap on your VR Headset and enjoy the stunning High Definition Virtual Reality action as they bend over and pull their dance outfits high into their asses until you can see their firm young cheeks. If you want to see more, you just have to agree to an extension and take out your cock. Once they get a good look at how hard you are, the girls continue. Perhaps you would like to see how their moves look without the clothes on. Lika has been teaching Stefany to be flexible, graceful and always pose in a way that pleases her audience. See how wet and ready their pussies are? How much will it take to convince you? You don’t really want to kick them out, do you? When they are so happy to give you a private show every month when the rent is due?

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