VR Pool Dancer 💦

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VR Porn with Karter Foxx

Have you seen our latest teen VR porn video called the Pool Dancer? No? Then imagine that situation: you are the owner of a pool and it is the beginning of the summer and it is about time to get it cleaned, but your pool boy tells you that he does not have enough time to pay you a visit and you have to come up with an alternative solution.

Fortunately for you, the guy agrees to send you his girlfriend instead – and since this is a fantastic blowjob VR porn fantasy, the girl will be no different but a super-hot professional VR porn star: Karter Foxx. Ok, so now what? There is you, a super-hot elite VR porn star and a pool that needs to be cleaned – well, just sit and relax in your favorite chair and with your top-notch VR headset on your head and watch the situation to develop.

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