Sweetest Day with Lady Dee

VR Porn by
Virtual Real Porn

Starring: Lady Dee & Michael Fly
Original Title:Sweetest Day VR Porn Video
Release date: Oct 19, 2020
Duration: 34 min

VR Porn scene by Virtual Real Porn | Lady Dee & Michael Fly

When Lady Dee went to the supermarket, she added something extra to the shopping cart: a jar of honey. She had watched several videos on VirtualRealPorn about making sex more creative, using body paint or having a very wet adventure in the bathtub. Lady watched the models on those videos reached the orgasm in a different way. As soon as you came home from work, she told you to go to the bathroom.

There she was wearing sexy lingerie, pouring honey all over her body, rubbing her smooth tits and licking her fingers to get them into her wet vagina. You were completely excited. Excited enough to lick her clitoris soaked in honey and her sweet ass in a VR anal. This is, for sure, the best and sweetest day you’ve ever had in vr xxx

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