Soft and Sexy Young Bunny

VR Porn with Rebecca Volpetti

Sexy Blonde Rebecca Volpetti is eighteen years old and all grown up. That doesn’t mean she has totally outgrown her playful nature. She loves to wear the warm and fuzzy bunny pajamas she has enjoyed since she was much younger. Combined with her smiling rainbow pillow, they give Rebecca an innocent look. That look does not match the filthy thoughts in her head or the burning desires between her long legs. When the pretty teen wakes up from a sexy dream she can’t help but notice the wet feeling from her pussy. She just has to do something about that right away. She unzips her furry outfit and tweaks the perky nipples on her tiny tits until they stand out and beg for attention. Rebecca’s colorful pillow also plays a part in her fun. It looks cute and innocent just like her, but is actually the perfect size to fit between her thighs and rub gently against her tight, shaved twat. After warming up with her pillow, Rebecca lets her slim fingers finish the job by making her dirty fantasies come true as she cums all over her hands. She may look like an adorable innocent girl, but under that fuzzy bunny suit beats the heart of a truly naughty slut.

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