Lucy VR Cosplay by Skye Blue

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VR Porn with Skye Blue

Have you watched Lucy – a great Hollywood movie with stunning Scarlett Johansson becoming a meta-human with almost godlike powers? Yeah, we watched it, too – and you know what? It was about time for us to turn this scene into a parody VR porn movie. Inside the Lucy (A XXX Parody) cosplay VR porn scene you will get to become the bad guy from the film – the one who forced her to try this weird blue substance, which ultimately turned her into a killing machine and a living artificial intelligence.

Since we are the producers of virtual reality porn scenes and not the Hollywood creators, our scenario is going to be a little different, though – inside of this office VR porn video, the girl, after eating the substance, will become incredibly… horny! She will wake up a little dazzled with the only mission going in her head – to find a cock to suck and fuck and to get her boosted up with some sweet, juicy cum. Luckily for you, you will be right next to her to give her what she wants – and she will not be left without a dick that she craves for so hard.

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