Lisey Sweet celebrates St. Pat’s Day



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Starring:  Lisey Sweet | Original Title: Sweet St. Pat’s Day | Release date: Mar 18, 2021

VR Porn with Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet loves everything about St. Patrick’s Day. The parties, decorations and events always make it a day that she looks forward to all year. This year is a bit different though. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Lisey Sweet is not able to attend the usual festivities. The worst part is that Lisey has a tradition that she must keep going. Every St. Patrick’s Day she makes it a personal challenge to have a new sexual exploit. Usually, it is fucking some lucky random guy in the bar bathroom or perhaps bringing a group of college guys home with her at the end of the night. This year she is stuck at home with her roommate and her opportunities for yet another conquest look fairly dim. Lisey Sweet is not one to give up so easily though. While she has never fucked her roommate (you), has always been curious how you would be in bed. Lisey has noticed how you always seem to be staring at her ass but never have the courage to make a move. Today, you are the target of her St. Patty’s Day conquest. Lisey is going to let you become one of her stories. She is going to let you feel what its like to be balls deep in her perfectly round ass. Lisey wants to feel your cock throb deep inside of her. Time for you to join her St. Patty’s Day Hall of Fame.

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