Helping out your stepsister


VR Porn with Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn VR is looking for some privacy in the bathroom. She finds her mother’s dildo and is shocked. It is bigger than Kyler’s arm. How in the world can she enjoy something so huge? Katie’s own experience has been limited to much smaller guys. Even the guys in the VR Porn scenes she watches don’t have dicks half as big as mom’s toy. Curious she sticks it to the floor and tries to put the fat head into her mouth. It still seems too big, but she starts to feel warm between her legs. Sliding her fingers into her shorts she finds that her pussy is getting wet from playing with such a huge dong. She just has to feel it inside of her.
Sticking it to the side of the shower, Kate pushes her body back against the fat head, trying to get it inside. While she was struggling with the toy, her stepbrother walked in and was shocked by the sight. You keep watching until she notices. Kate is embarrassed, but you offer to help her. Maybe she can take such a big cock if she works up to it by starting with something more manageable, like your dick. Sill horny, she agrees that this is a great idea and gets busy sucking your hard cock. Once nice and wet your meat fits perfectly into her tight pussy from behind. It’s not as big as mommy’s dildo, but it makes her cum all over him. She thanks you by sucking every last drop of cum from your dick. You promise that next time you will help her learn to take that monster toy.

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