Ella Knox is Smokin’ Hot!

VR Porn by VRBangers

VR Porn with Ella Knox

Have you ever smoked one of those hookah? You know… these fancy Egyptian pipes that are used by these people to smoke some quality tobacco and… well, not only that. In Up in Smoke VR porn movie from Virtual Reality Bangers, we are about to take you to one of those hookah lounges.

The one chosen by us is special, though, as it is the one in which Ella Knox – a professional brunette VR porn star – is working. Even though the girl is really popular in the virtual reality porn business, she is an active smoker and treats the job as an extra source of her income – this way she is getting herself some premium stuff that she can smoke in her free time while not sucking dicks in front of a high-quality 6K UHD VR porn camera. Problem is that since it is not her full time job and she is not the best at doing it, she will eventually drop a hot charcoal on your crotch and… well, this could cost her the position once and for all. Is there anything that she could do to change your mind, soothe your nerves and avoid her ass getting fired? Well, she can always just work on your dick and give it some pleasant sensations – in contrast with almost setting it up on fire – and this is exactly what this newest blowjob VR porn scene is about.

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