Color Explosion with Charlie Red and Daphne Klyde

VR Porn by
Virtual Real Porn

Starring: Charlie Red, Daphne Klyde & Michael Fly
Original Title: Color Theory VR Porn Video
Release date: June 29, 2020
Duration: 35 min

VR Porn scene by Virtual Real Porn | Charlie Red, Daphne Klyde & Michael Fly

You’ve been thinking about this crazy theory for a while… can some colors turn you on? It seems hard to believe, but after experimenting in thousands of photographic projects, you started thinking some colors could be so powerful they may bring you to a state of excitement. Like something aphrodisiac. Yesterday, you told Daphne Klyde and Charlie Red about this and they decided to help you.

Yellow made them rub their smooth tits, orange brought them to lick their clitoris, blue got them playing with your hard cock and with purple they started a threesome in VR Porn. It seems some colors make you share an orgasm of happiness.

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